How much time do I need to spend on this project?

Most clients have told us that they typically spend a few hours a week on SCNO-related tasks.

As the client, what is my role in the project?

We ask that nonprofit clients commit to the following:

  • A one hour in-person meeting at the beginning of the project (within the first two weeks)
  • An optional one hour in-person meeting in the middle of the project
  • A final presentation on campus at Northwestern University in Evanston
  • Prompt responses to follow-up surveys immediately after the project and again three months later (and possibly beyond)

What is the team’s structure?

  • Teams consist of 5 Student Consultants, including 1 Team Lead
  • Each team is assigned one Project Manager, who oversees the project and one Professional Mentor, who advises the team
  • Team members vary in backgrounds, contributing to the development of innovative solutions