Leading school-based social services organization

The client was trying to design a pilot program to build brand awareness and improve donor activity. The SCNO team performed detailed market analysis and conducted a comprehensive survey campaign of the intended target of the pilot program. The team delivered a process definition and distribution plan for the new pilot program.


Legal clinic

The client was looking to expand their services and needed to understand where they should expand. The SCNO team broke down the issue into looking at practice areas and geographic areas. Using Geographic Information Systems software, the team brought together the data collected on these two segments. The team discovered a new high-potential area for the client to focus on.


Volunteer Resource CENTER

The client was interested in increasing their visibility in the community. The SCNO team first performed a detailed analysis of the client and their procedures to determine that the lack of a cohesive message in the marketing materials was the root of the problem. The team worked with the client to solidify the mission that the client wanted to publish. With this in hand, the team delivered a toolbox of plans to streamline the marketing process and deliver a stronger core message.