SCNO’s mission is to give back to the non-profit community by providing high-quality, impact-driven strategic consulting for non-profits so that they can perform more efficiently and effectively. SCNO simultaneously aims to foster the growth of our student consultants through hands-on and collaborative learning, giving students real consulting experience to develop personal and professional skills.
— Our Mission Statement

Commitment to Clients

Our commitment to our non-profit clients is rooted in a deep-set passion for the causes that the non-profits work for and an appreciation for all the amazing work that our non-profit clients do that make a positive impact in the world. Because of the nature of the non-profit sector, non-profit organizations are often over-burdened with tasks and under-staffed. SCNO seeks to alleviate this burden by providing an outside perspective on how to increase efficiencies within the organization through innovative strategies and best practices research. Because we see our relationship with our non-profit clients as long-term partnerships, we regularly check-in at 2 and 6-month intervals to gauge progress and just to see how our friends at the non-profits are doing.

Commitment to Students

SCNO seeks to develop students personally and professionally to help them achieve their goals during and after college. Through the process of engaging with non-profits and creating deliverables, students are able to work on a diverse range of practical skills from public speaking, to presentation creation, to critical analysis and problem solving, to team building. Furthermore, SCNO provides ample opportunities for all of its members to take on leadership roles as a team lead, project manager, or a position on exec to further hone professional, management, and inter-personal capabilities. Lastly, SCNO is a diverse community of members, alumni, non-profits, and mentors, and through both professional and social events, members interact and engage with professionals and peers in various fields, allowing our members to explore both the consulting and non-profit sectors in order to gain a better sense of post-collegiate prospects.